Every 10 seconds

1 hectare of rainforest

is destroyed

Witness the urgency of our mission in this compelling video from DAS Perú, our funded partner on the ground.


Amazon Conservation Group LLC is an organization of passionate and dedicated staff, scientists and partners sponsoring humanitarian and conservation projects worldwide. Our current focus is working with the NGO DAS Perú in the Peruvian Amazon with tribal communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is humanitarian and conservation, to enhance the quality of life for indigenous tribal communities, while reducing climate and biodiversity risk.

Our Team

Our team comprises dedicated staff, scientists, and partners, united in our commitment to humanitarian and conservation causes.

What We Do

We work with NGO’s and tribal communities on conservation and humanitarian projects to enhance the quality of life of the tribal communities in Peru. 


ACG working with DAS Perú, delivers humanitarian projects in education, health care and conservation for the indigenous community in Peru.The projects showcased below are a testament to their resilience and our commitment to providing them with the support they need.

Thanks to the joint effort of DAS Perú, the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) which deploys large-capacity aircraft, the Peruvian Army with its officers and soldiers, organizations providing donations, and volunteer doctors, care in various specialties was provided to native communities in places like Purús, San Francisco, Pikiniki, and several others, benefiting hundreds of children and adults in extreme poverty.

Joint Humanitarian Effort in Purús



In line with our commitments to indigenous peoples from tribes like Huni Kuin, Sharanahua, and others, we've given technical support to help draft Life Plans for 10 native communities. This management document helps communities document their worldview, history, identify opportunities, prioritize their needs, and improve their living conditions while preserving their ancestral knowledge. This effort strengthens their communal governance capabilities.

Empowering Indigenous Communities through Life Plans



DAS Perú is dedicated to empowering women and girls, the custodians of culture, customs, and language in their communities. As they assume leadership roles within their families, we strive to amplify their voices and respect their opinions, fortifying their positions for a more equitable future.

The Core of Community Development



Purús' native communities primarily hunt, fish, and engage in small-scale agriculture, cultivating products like bananas, yucca, and watermelon. They consume and sell these resources to purchase other essentials like sugar and rice. To enhance and improve their food security, we provide agricultural tools like boots, machetes, and carts to aid their work efficiently.

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture in Purús




Guided by the UN’s Gold Standards, we concentrate our efforts on 17 critical areas. These areas are pivotal in enhancing the quality of life for indigenous communities and reducing climate and biodiversity risk. Our focus is aligned with the global goals for sustainable development.


Upholding Dignity and Equality

ACG, in partnership with DAS Perú, is committed to upholding the human rights of indigenous communities in the Amazon. We work to secure land rights, provide access to healthcare, education, and sustainable livelihoods, ensuring their voices are heard and respected. We also support the implementation of “Life Plans”, a community-led development strategy that empowers communities to articulate their needs and priorities.

  • Advocacy for indigenous land rights in the Amazon.

  • Facilitating access to healthcare and education

  • Fostering participatory decision-making in local communities.

Championing Health Rights

Reduce Poverty


Safeguarding the Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest, often referred to as the ‘Lungs of the Earth’, plays a critical role in global climate regulation. We recognize the urgency of protecting this vital ecosystem. We support initiatives that curb deforestation, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, and assist communities in building resilience against climate change impacts. Our collective efforts can ensure the protection of the Amazon and our climate for future generations.


In 2021, Purús lost 343ha of tree cover, equivalent to 272kt of CO2 emissions.

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